Water Filled Dumbbells

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 These water dumbbells will outperform any traditional dumbbells set! These allow you to take dumbbells on the go so that you can get a workout anywhere.
    They’re extremely portable and can fit in any size bag. All you need to do is fill the device with water to your desired weight and you’re ready to go!  
Features and Benefits
Without water, this device can be compacted into a small enough size that you can fit it in your pocket! 
The dumbbell is designed to be simple to use, all you need to do is fill the dumbbell with water to your desired weight for your workout. 
These are much safer than your traditional dumbbell that can often cause injuries. Also, they prevent damage to the surface of your floor.
Package Includes: 
-  8 X Dumbbell Bag  
-  2 X Rods
-  8 X Screws
-  4 X Extension Rods



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