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The tongue is one of the most overlooked parts when it comes to oral hygiene. In the back of the tongue, there are often plaques consisting of dead cells and germs which are the main causes of bad breath and can also lead to major health issues if not properly cleaned.
How does this work?
  • Reduces bad breath caused by germs and bacteria on the tongue
  • Stimulates the taste buds, to help enhance a person's sense of taste
  • Removes the slime coating on the tongue that can contribute to tooth decay
  • Improves digestive health, since food are first broken down into the mouth
  • Reduces toxins found in the body from the food that is left to ferment on the tongue
  • Increases immunity by maintaining a healthy environment in your mouth
Better than a toothbrush - The tongue cleaner removes bacteria from the mouth together with tongue plaque. It is designed for the entire length of the tongue and is easy to use due to a thin head and handles that will not slip. It removes plaque from the tongue carefully and gently.
Benefits for the whole body - When used regularly, the metal tongue scraper significantly reduces oral bacteria, which cause bad breath. Cleaning the tongue improves digestion and increases the sense of taste to better enjoy food flavors. It is a good prevention of stomatitis, caries, and gingivitis. Regular use of the tongue scraper boosts the immune system.
High-quality steel - Surgical steel is a durable non-toxic material. The surface of the metal tool is substantially free of micropores; hence, dirt and germs have simply nowhere to accumulate. In addition, this kind of steel is very hard and resistant to mechanical damage. It meets all hygiene, strength and quality standards and has excellent chemical resistance.
Massage handles - On the tips of human fingers, there are nerve points and endings. The surface of the scraper handles massages during the use. While cleaning your tongue, you simultaneously improve the functioning of the nervous system, internal organs, and your well-being.
No plastic or copper - Tongue cleaner is made of solid steel, without using any plastics. Steel is more durable than plastic and does not get covered by coating like copper. For best results, the tongue scraper should be used on a daily basis.
How to use it?
The best way for you to use a scraper is to scrape the tongue from as far back as is comfortable for you to the front. You will then flick and rinse off the scraper and do the motion again. It should only take you 10 or 20 seconds to clean your tongue.
If you're using a gel or foam in conjunction with a scraper, you can apply this to your tongue immediately before scraping. It's recommended that you scrape your tongue once a day, preferably before brushing your teeth and using mouthwash.
Recommended by dentists worldwide.

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