TaticalDraw- Concealed Carry Belt

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While we have the right to defend ourselves, that right does come with the responsibility to be safe, smart, and wise with our actions.
Announcing! The Concealed Carry Tactical Belt - Now you will never worry about discomfort while carrying your firearm.WHY DO I NEED THIS?
  • Safety of family: Protecting our families is a great concern for most of us, especially those of us that are married.
  • Fully protected & concealed: Hides perfectly and you can wear it with anything; suit and tie, jeans, leggings, pajamas, gym shorts, etc. 
  • You can't always rely on police forces for protection: Imagine you've won a lotto 
  • Perfect for every day carry: Run, jog. It doesn't matter because you can carry safely and securely yet ready for a quickdraw.
You also get an extra pouch in the belt - carry your phone, keys, lasers, night sights, oh my!
Our Tactical Belt will make a huge difference on not only how easy it is to draw your weapon but also how it prints and how comfortable it is to carry your weapon day after day.KEY FEATURES:
  • Sturdy material - covers the trigger and provides ultimate protection
  • Good retention - your guns stay stuck inside the holster even when you turn upside down
  • Handgun protection - some hard material can cause rub marks on it's finish over time, but not this one
  • Positive grip - have a FULL combat grip on your gun when it is drawn
  • Good conceal-ability - nearly invisible when worn

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