Retractable Car Sunshade

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Size: 45cm
Ships From: Australia
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There are plenty of things to enjoy about the summer, but how hot the interior of your car gets after it’s parked in the sun for a few hours is definitely not one of them. If you’ve ever sat on leather seats, touched the steering wheel, or tried to put on your seat belt in a broiling car, it can feel like placing your hand on a hot stovetop.
  • Have you ever been blowed by a blast of hot air in your face when opened the door?
  • Have you ever been burned when you put your hand on steering wheel ? Specially on the metal seat-belt buckle!
  • Have you ever used the folded cumbersome cardboard sunshade, it doesn't stay up in your window at all and it is not easy to storage.
  • Have you ever used the wire-propping sunshade, the wire easily broken and poked through material; and also have not figured out how to fold it back up.
block UVAutomatic Rewinding Functionrewinding functionThe retractable sunshade is easy to use with our self-retracting design.
Smooth one-hand operation Fixing in 2 Seconds - just pull from passenger side and hook in.
Material300TMade of 300T high density polyester fabric with aluminum foil that blocks 99% of the harmful UV rays and up to 85% of the sun's total solar energy.


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