Neoprene Adjustable Lumbar Belt

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Say goodbye to back pain - and bring your life back!

Revolutionary device relieves back pain and increases freedom of movement


Enhanced recovery and Overall support

The support belt is made of highly elastic fabric on the outside that conforms to the natural curvature and supports the lower back, promoting muscle relaxation and proper alignment of the spine while the inner wrap of neoprene fabric ensures comfort and heat retention to alleviate back pain. This unique double support mechanism effectively provides abdominal support to help the spine take weight off the lower back. As a result, less pressure is placed on the spine, ligaments, muscles, discs and other injured areas to assist in recovery and offer more stabilization. 


Soothing Comfort and Pain Relief

The Lower Back Support Belt is all about giving you long lasting pain relief and comfort. You can simply wear this on top or under your shirt all day long. Every support belt is equipped with two criss-cross stretchable and sleek straps that press the breathable neoprene fabric further to the body for better support. At the same time, they further enhance the comfort by retaining flexibility on both sides. This strap system supports key areas of the back so your body can relax and begin to recover and heal from the stress or strains that caused the pain in the first place.

Now it’s time to take action and allow yourself to face your discomfort or back pain! And you’re not alone. Together with our new Lower Back Support Belt you can take control of your life again! Order now and take advantage of our introductory sales price!

And that’s still not all. We will ship it to you for free! Yes! Shipping is on us for a limited time, so please make sure to order your support belt today.












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