Mobile Gamepad with powerbank

Color: 6 in 1


Normal version : 
  • Super comfortable Gamepad
  • L1R1 triggers
Updated version Amazing 4-in-1 gamepad: 
  • Super comfortable Gamepad
  • L1R1 triggers
  • 2000 mAh Powerbank
  • Phone Cooler
In order to celebrate our sales of more than 80,000, we will give back to new and old customers, and once again cut the price, we will drop from $39.98 to $19.99 for a limited time. We will continue to work hard to provide better and better quality products.
Ultimate combo!
This mobile gamepad allows you to play your favorite games with 4 fingers, allowing you to run and shoot at the same time. Get higher killstreaks!
Minimal design
Our design of the L1R1 triggers allows for more screen visibility and will not take up much screen space as compared to other triggers. With the triggers on the back, our combo feels just like a console controller.
Ergonomic gamepad
The gamepad has a smooth surface that is designed to prevent slips and provide a comfortable grip while playing. Our sensitive mobile L1R1 triggers and gamepad is completely wireless.
More battery + cool phone = longer plays
The gamepad also includes 2000mAh inbuilt battery and a cooling fan to charge your phone and reduce device heating while gaming.

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