Magic Stretchable Sofa Cover

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Color: White
Size: 1-seater(90-140cm)
$27.99 $79.99


  • A to A = 35-55 inches (90cm to 140cm), please order one "1-Seater Cover".
  • A to A = 57-72 inches (145cm-185cm), please order one "2-Seater Cover".
  • A to A = 76-90 inches (190cm-230cm), please order one "3-Seater Cover".
  • A to A = 92-122 inches (235cm to 300cm), please order one "4-Seater Cover".
For L-Shape Couch / Sectional Couch :
Start by measuring each section of your sofa as seen in the diagram below,
from A to A, B to B & C to C :

Example 1 
A to A = 57-72 inches (145cm-185cm) 
B to B = 57-72 inches (145cm-185cm)
Please order TWO "2-Seater Cover" ( Total 2 pieces )
Example 2 
A to A = 57-72 inches (145cm-185cm)
B to B = 92-122 inches (235cm to 300cm)
C to C = 76-90 inches (190cm-230cm)
Please order  ONE "2-Seater Cover" + ONE "4-Seater Cover" + ONE "3-Seater Cover"  ( Total 3 pcs )PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:
  • SLIP-RESISTANT: The highly-elastic couch covers for the sofa is flexible, soft, and slip-resistant for long-term comfort. No straps needed to keep this sofa cover in a fixed position, as it stays firmly in a position without moving or shifting.
  • Image result for Decorative Stretch Sofa Cover gif
  • SOFA SLIPCOVERS MATERIAL & DESIGN: Polyester & spandex fabric. Elastic band and strap fastening closure at the bottom, double reinforcement, not easy to displacement.
  • HIGH-QUALITY FABRIC: Made of high-quality fabric including 85% Polyester and 15% Spandex Jacquard Fabric, has a smooth soft feel and is easy to care for. Instantly improve the look of any sofa in your home with these stretch couch covers!
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY CARE: Easy to set up and pick up; machine wash cold, do not bleach, tumble dry low, no ironing.
  • DURABLE AND AFFORDABLE: it prides itself on affordable elegance that enhances the decoration of your home while maintaining quality standards. The spandex sofa cover offers a combination of top materials and the latest design without sacrificing comfort and durability.
Step 1. Extent the sofa cover(Position the slipcover over the sofa with the label at the back.)
Step 2. Cover the sofa in the right direction.
Step 3. Let the sofa hold down the four corners.
Step 4. Put the small cloth strip into the gap in the sofa.
Step 5. Put the sofa down and pull cover tight, pulling any excess fabric to the back.
Step 6. Enjoy your newly covered sofa!装饰SOFA封面 
  • 1 x Stretchable Sofa Cover

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