Lumbar Traction Device

Save $101.99

Standard Voltage: 220V
Plug Type: US Plug
Color: Black
$138 $239.99


Ultimate Pain relief 

Unique design helps you relieve back pain within seconds. Gently stretches your back for lumbar pain relief

 Idesigned & recommended by physical therapists to restore your default spinal position while you lie down & relax.

How Does It Work ?

When the back loses their natural curved shape, the soft discs that are in between the vertebrae become compressed, & rich lubricating fluid is unable to penetrate & hydrate the discs. This causes premature aging in the form of stiff, dry joints.

Counteracts that by lifting, stretching, decompressing, hydrating, & shaping the back into its vital natural curved shape. The Dual inflation mechanism gradually lifts also pulls and separates the joints.

Relieve Pain Without Medication

Take the pain off your lower back, is the first multifunctional traction device that helps you relieve back  tensionimproves flexibility and ranges of motion.

Adjustable Heat Therapy 

Provides 4 adjustable temperature settings, to comfort the individual preference and apply soothing heat therapy to aching back muscles.

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