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It is the smartest, lightest, fastest GPS tracker ever… and first of its kind.
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Before something wrong happens, it is advisable to take IMMEDIATE PRECAUTIONS so that you and your family can be safe from any regret. It is a hard reality so DON’T DENY it and take quick actions.
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You can rest assured that they are safe and sound with this Location tracking Pocket Spy. 
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This Location tracking Pocket Spy supports GPS and LBS double tracking. Double tracking system increases the accuracy of position locating. 
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It is super small size, light weight and easy to carry. It can be hidden easily as it is mini and black shelled.
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By entering the SIM card number, you can hear the sound around the tracker silently without alerting anyone. No lights, no noise. The sound quality is clear and distortion-free. You can secretly monitor what happens around the tracker.
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There are 2 powerful magnets inside, which are easily attached to the vehicle without additional installation. You can put it on any metal plate and the pocket spy will stick on it firmly and automatically. No need to worry about the problem of placement, as long as there is metal place can be directly put up.
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It is waterproof design, which makes never worry about rainy and wet day.


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