Driving Recorder

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Ensure the safety of your driving!


✶ Full HD Real Video Recording: Offer full HD videos (1080P); Wide-angle lens can effectively reduce the blind spot.

✶ Super wide angle: This All-Purpose Car Recorder is well equipped with a 270° super wide angle HD cam recorder so all details will be captured when unexpected driving incidents happen. 

✶ Parking monitoring:Apply Infrared sensor technology, conquer the night and the video mode automatically turns on the night vision light.

✶ Loop recording: filmed the video segments saved in the memory card storage, the earlier videos can be automatically covered by newest ones in chronological order except locked files. And there is no manual removal required.


When you leave the car, tap the switch button, it will activate the battery and monitor your car when you leave the car!The power supply is used for 72 hours, after which you have to charge it!

(It records evidence when you leave the car, Prevent your car from being maliciously hit )

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