Carbon Tube Handlebar Bracket

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Color: 20cm Red
$24.99 $64.99


Upgrade Your Bike And Make It More Practical!


✔ MORE SPACE: You will get more storage space and be able to put lights, stopwatch, GPS device, phone, or anything else on your bike!


✔ PRACTICAL: This handlebar bracket will allow you to have all you need and to maximally enjoy the ride!


✔ FITS ANY BIKE: Regardless of what kind of bicycle you own, mountain bike, or any other, this handlebar will fit it perfectly!


 EASY TO INSTALL: You can install this handlebar bracket on your bike all by yourself -all you need is a simple screwdriver!

Put everything you need on your bike with this Carbon Tube Handlebar Bracket. It will give you more space to put lights, stopwatch, GPS device, phone, or anything else on your bike, and you have a more pleasant ride.



Upgrade your bike with this practical extension on which you can install any gadget you need. Being very lightweight, this handlebar bracket will not bother you while you’re riding, as a matter of fact, you won’t even feel it’s weight, and it is designed not to block your view.


You can put this handlebar bracket on any bicycle and the installation is very easy. Also, you can arrange the brackets along the bar to suit the type of your bike’s handlebar and the arrangement of the devices you want to put on it.



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