Automatic Fountain Water Dispenser

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Type: Fountain Water Dispenser
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More than 3,000 domestic cats die each year from kidney failure. This is because many cats simply lack the urge to drink unmoving, still water from a bowl.

  • Water is not moving and feels stale after sitting there all day!
  • There's sometimes fur floating about.
  • Their sensitive whiskers keep getting grazed.
  • How dare they must bend over so low! 

The Automatic Fountain Water Dispenser solves all these problems by attracting your cats natural curiosity by using their fascination of flowing water.


  • Attracts Attention: Cats are instinctually attracted to moving water. The sight of flowing water attracts their natural curiosity.
  • Quiet & Smooth Water Flow: For even the most picky drinkers!

Keeps Your Kitty Healthy: Helps to promote a healthy urinary tract and optimal kidney function by ensuring your cat is adequately hydrated.

Triple Action Filtration: The triple activated carbon filter keeps the water fresh, odorless and helps prevent urinary tract diseases.

Virtually Silent: The whisper quiet pump makes virtually zero noise, ensuring your cat is unalarmed and you are un-annoyed!
Non-Toxic and Safe: 
Constructed from durable food grade BPA-free plastic and/or stainless steel. 
Universal Compatibility: Plug it in anywhere with the provided USB cable (USB wall charger plug not included).

    Package Contents:
    1 X 2.4L Automatic Fountain Water Dispenser

    1 X USB power cable and USB to US Plug Wall adapter (1.6M/5.2ft)
    1 X Triple action carbon filter with ion exchanger
    1 X User Manual

    Diameter 19cm (7.5in) 

    Height 12cm (4.7in)

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