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With the multiple tools each household should have, one of which is definitely a screwdriver – from tightening hinges to fixing car parts, even may electronic products require a screw or two. However, when working in tight areas, screwdrivers can be at a disadvantage. In these areas where your hands can reach but your screwdrivers can’t, I bet you wished your fingers can just screw in those bolts for you. Well, no worries! We’ll make any screwing job more convenient for you without ever dropping a single bolt! Thanks to the Magnetic Fingertip Sleeve!


  • EMBEDDED MAGNET – Features a powerful magnet on your fingertip which allows you to retrieve or hold any small ferrous metal object like bolts, screws, nuts, and washers in position with precise control.
  • CONVENIENT USAGE – Unlike screwdrivers, it offers a more convenient usage when working in tight spots and those hard to reach places while you are working on a task to avoid fumbling around blindly and accidentally dropping bolts.
  • EASY MANIPULATION – Provides most dexterity since the magnet is specifically positioned to help you manipulate the metal object you holding easily with your thumb and middle finger, allowing you to screw in or retrieve bolts and nuts.

  • SNUG FIT – Made with 2-way spandex that is snug and stretchy which makes it easier to slip in on your finger be it large or small-sized, turning your fingertip into a professional tool in an instant.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL – Makes an ideal tool for automotive, mechanical, & watercraft maintenance; home improvements/repairs, motorcycle, arts/crafts, plumbing/electrical, and more.
  • SMALL & COMPACT – Since it’s made small, you can stow it away conveniently in your backpack or toolbox when traveling in case of immediate fixing or replacing of car parts.

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