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Many people spend 33% of their life sleeping, this is how Americans are making those hours count. Scientific research shows that a pillow with a good shape, and memory foam that supports cervical lordosis, can improve quality of sleep and alleviate neck pain.

That’s why Orthopedic Pillow was created. It’s unique design and breakthrough memory foam is what’s alleviating neck pain for Americans. And it’s letting them get the restful sleep they need.


Why People are Choosing Orthopedic Pillow


This top-notch foam supports your cervical lordosis to give you the sleep you need. It’s like a custom pillow but for a fraction of the cost.
Imagine waking up feeling refreshed and relaxed. With no grogginess and no morning discomfort.
Forget about flat pillows. This high-quality material maintains its shape for years, so you don’t have to worry about getting a new one any time soon.
Each Sutera pillow comes with a removable cover to give you a more luxurious feel when laying down to sleep. And this cover can be removed in a few seconds to wash.
Thanks to Orthopedic Pillow's unique “butterfly” shape, anyone can use it and get great results. Doesn’t matter how you sleep.
Thanks to its unique design and advanced memory foam, Orthopedic Pillow helps your spine keep its natural curvature while sleeping so you can rest easier at night and feel no neck pain in the morning.

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